The Debate- Beckstoffer Dr. Crane 2013

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Parker (98)

“The 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Dr. Crane again reveals Graves-like, smoky barbecue notes intermixed with wet stones, blueberry and blackberry fruit, a full-bodied opulence, and a sexy, lusty mouthfeel, and to me, the most complexity of any of these wines. There’s something about this vineyard that just seems to hit all the sweet spots on my palate, so I adore just about everybody’s wine that comes from this source. According to Jean Hoefliger, “Dr. Crane has the sexiness and softness of Marilyn Monroe and the eloquence of Mahatma Gandhi.” (As you can imagine, Hoefliger is never short of whimsical statements.)”

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The Debate- Beckstoffer Dr. Crane 2013

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